This is perhaps one of the most beautiful masterworks of horticulture I have read. 

Focused in and about the Green Gulch Zen center in Marin County, Northern California, (a place I have often been by on my way up the coast to Stinson beach). 

Author Wendy Johnson a Zen Buddhist meditation teacher and, (now retired), pioneer and leader of the centers gardens grown in the fields that “Curve like an enormous green dragon between the hills and the ocean” shares her experiences and profound knowledge in a manner that leaves one, in the words of Joanna Macy; “…shaken into a fuller, gladder life.”

This book is “Fundamental work that permeates your entire life. It demands your energy and heart, and it gives you back great treasures as well. Like a fortified sense of humor, an appreciation for paradox, and a huge harvest of Dinosaur Kale and tiny red Potatoes.”

Genre: horticulture
Illustrated by Davis Te Selle