Most of the folks that know me or have visited the nursery have heard me preach, perhaps incessantly, on the virtues of growing plants for food and health in the form of plant medicines, plants that may assist us in our spiritual paths, as well as creating self sustaining gardens that benefit not only ourselves, but the environment and all the creatures we share our specific locations on the planet with. However there are many other facets of my love of plants and gardening that I do not always readily highlight or share. So today I thought I would like to show you all one of those aspects in a small (pun intended) way.

The creation of miniature gardens is nothing new and perhaps finds its highest perfection in the art of traditional Bonsai plantings. Faerie gardens have become a popular gardening offshoot for many and who would deny that such creations would not be an excellent abode for such folk. I believe that plants, specifically the caring for and nurturing of plants in a garden setting are an act of sacredness. I feel that any garden creation, even a vegetable food garden, is a creation of sacred space. In our age where ‘nature deficit’ disorder has become an acknowledged ailment, especially for children, I think it is essential to find as many ways possible to not just connect with plants and nature, but to experience the nurturing of nature. 18-in-plush-gardenWhile not everyone has the space or means to grow a garden, very little space or investment is required to create a small “dish” garden that can be brought indoors and grown in a sunny location or kept outside to enjoy. I have delighted in the creation and care of these ‘mini gardens’ for years, often finding myself peering close, getting lost in the vastness of these small spaces. I have also found them to be excellent meditation focal points. And if faeries should come and take up residence….so much the better!

Here then are some photos of a few of my small spaces, some very small, some larger and a few shots of the creation process for the ‘center garden’ at Green Tiger. I hope you enjoy, thank you for your attention and as always, let me know what you think!