Violet Fava Beans (Mediterranean Heirloom)

I took advantage of a break in the storms today to get some seed started
Planted today;
Violet Fava Beans (Mediterranean Heirloom) 
English Shell Peas (British Heirloom)
Leek ‘Carentan’ (1885 French Heirloom)
Onion ‘Tropeana Lunga’ (Italian Heirloom)
Onion ‘Florence Red’ (Italian Heirloom)
Brussels Sprouts ‘Long Island Improved’ (1890 Heirloom)
Romanesco Italia (Northern Italy Broccoli Heirloom)
Lettuce ‘Flame’ (1988 Heirloom)
Lettuce ‘Cimmaron’ (18th century Heirloom)
Lettuce ‘Beleah Rose’ (Cut and come again Heirloom)
Next up , weather allowing, more Cabbage and first set of Potatoes!

Photo © SE Popp ~ Fava Bean Blooms 2017